Alpha and Social Emotional Learning
(SEL) Counseling Team


Erika Palacios

Erika Palacios
Students A-G

Ron Van Sant

Ron Van Sant
Students H-M, SEL

Adriana Uribe

Adriana Uribe
Students N-Z

Emily Stone

Emily Stone

Outreach Consultant

Liaison for Transitional Students & Foster Youth

  • ASM
  • DART
  • Health Linkages-Ortho Program (Braces)
  • Teen Closet- room 47
  • Home Visits
  • ELAC
  • School Supplies
  • Truancy
  • Community resources
  • Lorena Anguiano

Lorena Anguiano

School Social Worker

  • Collaborate with teachers, counselors and admin to provide services for students and families, outreach to families to garner engagement.
  • Intensive Case Management for individual students
    • Conduct home visits to connect families to resources
    • Assist with crisis Intervention, bereavement groups
    • Helping students transitioning from outside institutions back into school
    • Establishing relationships with community partners to bring more resources into the school to support students and families

Holly Romine

Family Support Specialist with Family Services Agency (FSA)

  • Support students and families by connecting them to valuable resources in our community (i.e. healthcare, food, shelter, childcare and education)
  • Guide families through the process of building a healthy home environment so the family as a whole can thrive and reach self-sufficiency

Celia Adame

Los Compadres/Comadres Mentors & Case Managers

  • Mentoring
  • Individual 1x1's
  • Joven Noble Groups (gender specific)
    • Assessments
    • Goal Setting
    • Treatment Plans
  • Cara y Corazon Parent Group
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Collaboration with teachers, counselors, administrators
  • Advocate working for culturally competent solutions/cultural awareness
  • Eliminates barriers to access and coordinates available resources for improvement in:
    • Socio-emotional well-being
    • Cultural Pride
    • Sense of Belonging
  • Accessing therapy, tutoring, and other needed services



Eddie Galarza

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Michelle Diaz

Lompoc Valley Middle School Counseling Department

Request to Meet with Counselor

All Students have been invited to join our Google Classroom through their school emails. If your student has not received an invitation, please email their counselor.

2024-25 Course Registration Information

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LVMS Virtual Calming Center

Click the link above to be taken to our LVMS Virtual Calming Center. This website includes calming music, creative activities, virtual tours, coping skills, and information on mindfulness.

After School Tutoring Schedule

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Tuteria Depues de Classes Auda con Tarea

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Why Meet With Your Counselor?

  • Academics:  If you are having a problem with coursework and need suggestions on how to improve grades.
  • Personal/Social:  If you need to resolve a conflict with others or are dealing with a difficult situation.
  • Career Development:  If you need guidance regarding your future or want to research colleges.

How to meet with your counselor

Counselors are available to speak with students and/or parents in-person, over the phone, or through email. Please either email your counselor or call the counseling department to set up an appointment Or complete this referral Form.
All students have been invited to either our 7th or 8th grade Counseling Google Classroom. There will be no assignments, meetings, or grades for this classroom. It is just a place where we can share helpful resources, reminders about school events, and various opportunities relevant to students through a format that is familiar to them. This is also the easiest way for students to reach out to us by clicking the people tab and emailing us from there. If your student has not received an invitation, please reach out to their counselor and we will make sure to get them added.
In the case of a crisis or emergency, please contact SAFTY at 1-888-334-2777 or your local law enforcement and request a welfare check.

Counseling Presentation to Students

Report Bullying Here

Bullying is a serious concern that can impact many students. Please take the time to report any bullying incident that occurred within Lompoc Valley Middle School to help us keep LVMS a safe space for all students.

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